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Daikoku (大黒)

Name of the Japanese God of Wealth and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune worshipped in Japan (fig.), the others being Hotei, Jurohjin, Fukurokuju, Bishamonten, Benzaiten or Benten-sama, and Ebisu (fig.). In art, the latter is often paired with Daikoku, whom is also referred to as Daikokuten (大黒天). In the Butsuzozui compendium, a late 17th century AD collection of Buddhist iconographic sketches, he is listed and illustrated with six different manifestations, including a feminine form known as Daikokunyo (大黒女). Whereas Daikoku is the nipponized form of Mahakala (fig.), i.e. the terrible and destructive form of Shiva (fig.), Daikokunyo is the nipponized form of Mahakali (fig.), i.e. the terrible form of Parvati (fig.). This household deity is usually portrayed holding a golden mallet and wearing a flat black hat with a golden brim.