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Burmese alphabetical naming system

System used in Myanmar to determine the first name of a newborn, based on the day of the week on which one is born and thus related to the Burmese animal-per-day chart (fig.), which is displayed in most Buddhist temples and where devotees can worship to the statue of their corresponding day of birth, reminiscent to the Thai sat prajam wan system (fig.). In Myanmar, newborns are given a first name only 100 days after birth, in order to allow the parents ample time to find a name befitting the character of the young child. Besides this, the baby should be given a name of which the initial letter corresponds to the letters allowed for the specific day on which it was born and should always start with (mostly) a consonant, or (for Sundays) a vowel, appointed to that day of the week as stipulated in the system, as follows: K, G or Ng for people born on Monday; S, Z or Ny for people born on a Tuesday; Y, L or W for people born on a Wednesday; P, B or M for people born on a Thursday; Th or H for people born on a Friday; T, D or N for people born on a Saturday; and a vowel for people born on a Sunday. See also Burmese script.