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Frog-legged Leaf Beetle

A species of beetle in the family Chrysomelidae and with the scientific name Sagra femorata. It is found in South Asia, southern China and Southeast Asia, especially on the mainland, but also on Java. The Frog-legged Leaf Beetle exists in three variable colours and is overall metallic greenish-blue or blue, green or golden green, or purplish red or red. Adult males are about two centimeters in length and have a pair of strong hind legs, that resemble those of frogs, hence the common designation. Females are similar but much smaller in size. Frog-legged Leaf Beetles are considered agricultural pests. In Thai, known as duang tao khah toh sahm sih (ด้วงเต่าขาโตสามสี), i.e. ‘Three Colours Enlarged-legged Turtle Beetle’. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.