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Gaudy Baron

Name of a species of butterfly, with the binomial name Euthalia lubentina, which is found in South and Southeast Asia. It has a wingspan of about 8 centimeters. The male is dark greenish grey-brown above, with a series of small to large white spots on the forewings, that form a dashed line in a somewhat v-shaped pattern, while a series of elongated black spots form an obscure subterminal band. There is a also a reddish-orange spot bordered with black near the middle of the forewing's apex. Above, the hindwings are dark greenish grey-brown, with a series of reddish-orange spots outwardly bordered with black, whilst the outer edge is greenish-blue, each cell with a black subquadrate spot at the centre, whilst the innermost cell at the bottom, is in part reddish-orange. The underside is dark purplish brown with some ochre colouring, whilst the markings are similar as those on the upperside, but somewhat larger and more clearly defined. Females are similar to males, but brighter and paler. Also known as Common Gaudy Baron.