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Long-armed Parry Beetle

Name for a species of beetle in the Scarabaeidae family, with the scientific designation Cheirotonus parryi. Males have a body size of 4.8 to 7.1 centimeters, measuring from the tip of the head to the far end of the abdomen, i.e. not including the legs, which are brown and short with spines, apart for the forelegs, which are even longer than the body size and with a shape resembling that of antlers. They have a metallic green head, whilst the elytra, i.e. the hardened forewings that function as wing shields, are of a dark brown background, with tan to light brown spots distributed throughout. Females (fig.) are similar, but instead of the long antler-like forelegs of the males, they have shorter forelegs with tiny spines. Their body size is also smaller, measuring between 4.8 to 5.5 centimeters. A male Long-armed Parry Beetle is depicted on a Thai postage stamps of 2001 (fig.). In Thai, it is called kwahng dao nahm khah trong, i.e. ‘Straight thorn-legged Rhinoceros Beetle’.