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Phra Tha Kradahn (พระท่ากระดาน)

Thai. ‘Board Position Buddha image. Name of a Buddhist amulet that is part of the five Phra Yod Khunphon. It originates from Sri Sawat (ศรีสวัสดิ์) in Kanchanaburi Province, and has artistic influences from the Lopburi Period. It is cast in silver and depicts a Buddha image seated in the half lotus position, while performing the maravijaya mudra, i.e. the pose in which the Buddha's right hand touches the earth, and which is known in Pali as bhumisparsa (fig.). This amulet has a rather long face and at the top it is usually bent. Hence, it is also called Phra Tha Kradahn Keht Khot (เกศคด), with keht khot meaning ‘crooked head’. Besides this, it also exist with red eyes and is then referred to as Phra Tha Kradahn Keht Khot Tah Daeng (ตาแดง - fig.), with the Tah Daeng meaning ‘Red-eyed’ or ‘Red Eyes’. The latter is reminiscent of Khmer magical amulet, which is known as Ngang Tah Daeng Keht Khot (fig.). See also POSTAGE STAMPS.