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Name for a small butterfly, with the scientific name Zemeros flegyas. It is found in South and Southeast Asia, and  belongs to the Riodinidae family, which includes Punches and Judies. In the wet season the male's upperside is vinaceous brown, with ochraceous brown veins and series of minute white spots, bordered by a black spot, which inwardly is elongated and more or less pointed. Whilst the inner spots are bordered by black only on inwardly, the outer row is bordered by black on both sides. The antennae are brown with white rings, and have a black club towards the tip, which is white. In the dry season the male's upperside has a darker ground colour, and the spots are smaller and duller in colour. In females the uppersides are similar to those of the male in wet-season form, but the ground-colour is brighter and paler, and the markings also similar, but the black bordering to the white spots is less prominent. Also called Common Punchinello and in Thai phi seua bin talok thammada (ผีเสื้อบินตลกธรรมดา). i.e. ‘funny flying butterfly’. See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.