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Striped Albatross

Common name for a species of butterfly in the family Pieridae and with the scientific designation Appias libythea olferna, while the Eastern Striped Albatross or Bengal Albatross, a subspecies is known scientifically as Appias olferna olferna. It is found across the Indian subcontinent and mainland Southeast Asia, down to Singapore, whereas the Eastern Striped Albatross is also found in parts of Indonesia and Australia. The male of the nominate species is mostly white, with prominent black veins on the underside, sometimes with a very faint yellow shine as well as little yellow patch at the shoulders, while above it is white with black patches that form a margin along the termen, at the end of the veins, seemingly emerging from them. Its anterior part of the body is bluish grey while the anterior part is whitish. Below, the wings of the female are mostly white with blackish veins and a yellow patch at the shoulders, as well as a yellow wash around the veins and termen. Above, the female is mostly blackish brown with some large white patches on the hindwings and white patches away from the base of the forewings, which also have some smaller yellow patches near the termen. Her body is darker than that of the male, with the anterior part being nearly entirely blackish grey above, which extends into a blackish line along the upper length of the posterior part of the body, that spreads out onto either side of the abdomen as a grey wash. In Thai, this butterfly is known as phi seua non bai kum sen dam (ผีเสื้อหนอนใบกุ่มเส้นดำ). See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.