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Striped Blue Crow

Common name for a species of butterfly in the family Nymphalidae and with the scientific designation Euploea mulciber. This rather large butterfly is sexually dimorphic, with the common name being derived from the female of the species, whose hindwings are striped with narrow white streaks, both above and on the underside. With a wingspan of around 10 centimeters, females are also slightly larger than males, that have a wingspan of around 9 centimeters, while the underside of the wings of female is also slightly paler brown than that of the males. The forewings of the male and female are alike, i.e. glossy black above, with a blue patch on the outer apex, which is dotted with pale bluish-white spots, whilst on the underside of the brownish wings are pale bluish-white marks. The hindwings of the male are similar to those of the female, but instead of streaks the hindwings are plain brownish-black above, while on the brownish underside they have a series of pale bluish-white spots, especially along the outer edges of the wings, that near the top spread out towards the center. This species is found in the Indian subcontinent and across Southeast Asia. In Thai, it is known as phi seua jorakah mia laai (ผีเสื้อจรกาเมียลาย).