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Yellow-spotted Keelback

Common name for a species of snake, with the scientific designation Xenochrophis flavipunctatus, which is found in South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The Yellow-spotted Keelback is semi-aquatic and is found in slow rivers and streams, marshes, swamps, ponds, as well as lakes, and it also thrives in wet human-modified habitats, such as rice paddies and ditches. It hunts during the day and feeds on fish and frogs. In Vietnam, this snake is used in the making of so-called snake wine. In Thailand, this species is known as ngu saai soh (งูลายสอ). This species is very similar in appearance to the Checkered Keelback, i.e. a relative of the same family, i.e. Colubridae, and with the scientific Latin designation Xenochrophis piscator.