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Nga Htat Gyi (ငါးထပ်ကြီး)

Burmese. Name of a 13.9 meter tall Buddha image, erected in a 5-tiered building in Yangon's Bahan Township. It is a type of Jambupati Buddha Image (fig.), that was built in 1901 AD. This giant adorned Buddha is seated in the bhumisparsa pose and is wearing a golden crown and a salwe over the shoulders and chest (fig.). Behind the image is a so-called crystal palace, i.e. a decorative frame which is placed around a Buddha image and at the bottom on each side has a naga figure guarded by a yak. It is made from wood and has elaborately carved details. On the far side from the main entrance are several life-sized displays depicting certain episodes in the Buddha's life, as well as of related Buddhist stories and figures, including a large Buddhapada guarded by two naga. See MAP.