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Sagar (စကား)

Name of a village in Myanmar's Shan State, also referred to as Samkar, located at the northern end of Moebyel Lake, ca. 35 kilometers from the southern end of Inle Lake (fig.). It is a ruined royal Shan capital with ancient monasteries and pagodas. The area is open to foreign visitors only since 2003 and due to its off the beaten track and somewhat hidden location, this less visited village has remained its own unique and tranquil atmosphere. To reach Sagar from Nyaung Shwe, one has to pass through Inle Lake and beyond Taung Tho village (fig.), to then sail southward on a small local river, traveling along pristine nature while passing small remote Shan and Pa-oh villages on the way. Besides an amazing boat tour during which local life on (fig.) and along the river (fig.) can be witnessed, the unspoiled area's attractions include the Sunken Stupas, i.e. a collection of 108 stupas that date from the 16th to 17th century and are seasonally —especially during the monsoon— partially submerged, the traditional production of pottery and rice wine, floating gardens (fig.), and the Tha Kaung Mway Taw Pagoda (fig.), which features more than 200 stupas (fig.) and several charming Buddha images (fig.). See MAP.