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Chestnut Rajah

Common name of a species of leafwing butterfly, with the scientific designation Charaxes durnfordi. Above, the wings of the male are brown, gradually changing to chestnut-brown on the top-half part of the wings, towards the apexes. On the forewings, there are two symmetrical rows of v-shaped white markings, with a third row along the edges, which are more blurred and become vaguer towards the top. The hindwings have a broad white submarginal band, with chestnut, ocelli-like patches with a white centre, that are located at about one third from the edge on the white marginal band. In Thai, this species is known by the names phi seua tahn nahm sih tanoht (ผีเสื้อตาลหนามสีโตนด) and phi seua mah daeng sih tanoht (ผีเสื้อม้าแดงสีโตนด). See also POSTAGE STAMP.