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Eastern Courtier

Name of a species of butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia, and with the scientific designation Sephisa chandra. It is listed in the subfamily Apaturinae, which is distributed worldwide and comprises of several genera. Above the male distribution wings are black, with white and orange bars, and some tine blue patches, while the hind wings are orange with black markings, especially around the margins of the apex, as well as a few indistinct blue patches towards the edges of the apex. Females are similar, but the black forewings are marked with blue, pink and white spots, while her hind wings are metallic azure blue, with black veins and narrow black sub-marginal bands. In Thai, it is known as phi seua chanthra (ผีเสื้อจันทรา). Males are somewhat similar in appearance to the male Leopard Lacewing (fig.). See also Chandra and POSTAGE STAMP.