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Banded Bullfrog

Common name for a species of frog which is native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the family Microhylidae. It has the scientific designation Kaloula pulchra and is also commonly known as Asian Painted Frog, Bubble Frog, Chubby Frog, and Rice Frog. Adult males grow to a size of about 7 centimeters, at a length of circa 7.5 centimeter, females are slightly larger. The species is described as very adaptable and able to survive in disturbed areas, such as urban storm drains and roadside puddles, by day hiding in holes in the ground, under leaf litter, and in crevices. Its upperside is dark to medium brown and the underside is pale greyish brown, while a black-edged, brown̵̵̵-orangey band runs along each side of the body, from the head to the posterior end. It is chubby in form and has a short and blunt head, with dark eyes and a wide mouth. It is able to inflate itself when it feels threatened. It feeds on small invertebrates, in particular ants and termites. In Thai, the Banded Bullfrog is known as eung ahng (อึ่งอ่าง). See also WILDLIFE PICTURE and WATCH VIDEO.