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Berlin Pharmaceutical Museum

Name of a museum in Bangkok's Chinatown that gives a record of the history of Western medicine in Thailand, from the 17th century Ayutthaya period onwards. It is located in an European-styled building of the former Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Company Limited, known in Thai as Hahng Hun Suan Khai Yah Berlin Jamkad (ห้างหุ้นส่วนขายยาเบอร์ลินจำกัด), and is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Chai Chaiyanuwat (ชัย ไชยนุวัติ), known among the Chinese community of Yaowaraht as Dr. Pae Lim (แป๊ะลิ้ม), who, after graduating in Western Medicine from a university in Shanghai, China, in 1932 opened a clinic to treat patients as one of the first private clinics of the community in the Charoen Krung-Yaowaraht area, under the name Berlin Drug Store, using western methods and medicine in an area where traditional Chinese medicine was still prevalent in that era. The museum's exhibition features an antique examining room, a drug compounding room, and a room documenting the medical history in Bangkok during WWII. In Thai, the museum is known as Phiphithaphan Hahng Khai Yah Berlin. See also TRAVEL PICTURE and EXPLORER'S MAP.