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Black-headed Woodpecker

Common name for a species of bird with the binomial name Picus erythropygius. It belongs to the Picidae family, and is found in many parts of mainland Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Males have a black head, whitish eyes, and a reddish-brown spot on the forecrown, which is absent in females. Males are around 33 centimeters tall. Females (fig.) are somewhat smaller and apart from the entirely black crown otherwise similar, i.e. with a yellow throat and upper-breast, bright greenish-olive upperparts, and a blackish tail. The lower back is reddish-brown and its wings have black primaries with fine grey spots, whilst its slightly streaked belly and vent, as well as its legs and feet, are overall grey. Immature birds have less yellow and instead show shades of buff on the throat and breast. The Black-headed Woodpecker is relatively shy, but extremely active and can be seen foraging in the canopy, though it may also descent to the forest floor. It appears to prefer termites and ants. In Thai it is known as nok hua khwaan khiao tapohk daeng.