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Blackspot Widow

Common name for a species of dragonfly, fairly commonly found in South and Southeast Asia. It has black wings, with a milky white spot in the middle and transparent towards the tips, with a small brownish black spot on the front edge of each wing. Depending on the individual, the milky white spot on the edge of the black base of the otherwise transparent wings can be very wide and apparent, or just a mere faint smudge or thin stripe, hardly noticeable or sometimes seemingly non-existing. It eyes are brownish with a yellow sheen, whilst its body is greyish-blue to black, with a tiny off-white tip on the tail and off-white to faint yellow markings on the upperside. There is sexual dimorphism, with females differing significantly from males in colour and body markings. The body is blackish-brown with a pale yellowish mid-dorsal stripe. The wings are in part transparent with a bright amber shine at the base, while the apex and the centre of the wings are blackish-brown. Also known as Pied Paddy Skimmer and in Thai as malaeng poh ban pihk taem dam. Its scientific designation is Neurothemis tullia. See also POSTAGE STAMP.