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Phu Reua (ภูเรือ)

Thai. ‘Boat Mountain’. Name of a National Park in Loei province, located in an amphur of the same name, and covering an area of about 121 km˛. It is named after a mountain with an overhanging cliff at the peak of which the shape is said to be reminiscent of a large reua sampao boat (fig.). The mountain is 1,365 metres (fig.) high and during clear weather it offers panoramic views as far as to the Mae Khong River and up to Laos on the opposite side. The area has some of the nation's coldest temperatures, which in winter can fall below freezing. A digital display with a thermometer near the summit informs visitors of the temperature of the moment. At the peak is a small mondop-like sala-style pavilion with a Buddha image known as Phra Phuttha Nawa Banphot (map - fig.), which is honoured annually in the Phi Boong Tao festival. Near the foot of the mountain is Wat Somdet Phu Reua Ming Meuang (map - fig.), which houses a giant Phra Kring Buddha image (fig.). See MAP and LIST OF NATIONAL PARKS.