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Stream Glory

Common name for a species of damselfly, with the scientific designation Neurobasis chinensis, and also commonly known as Oriental Greenwing, Green-winged Demoiselle, Green Metalwing, and Chinese Greenwing, after the wing colour of the adult males, whose upper hindwings are of a stunning iridescent green colour with blackish wingtips, whereas on the underside the wings are dark brown. The forewings are transparent without any obvious colour. Like their upper hindwings, the body of the male is also vibrant green, though older males may be more of a brown colour, rather than green. The abdomen of the female is overall metallic green with a copper to brownish shine, especially towards the back, and older females may be more of a copper colour overall. The underside of their wings is brownish, yet paler than the underside of the hindwings of the male, and with two small whitish spots at the upper edges of the forewings (fig.). In Thai, this species is called malaeng poh khem nahm tok jihn (แมลงปอเข็มน้ำตกจีน) and malaeng poh khem nahm tok yai jihn (แมลงปอเข็มน้ำตกใหญ่จีน), i.e. Chinese waterfall damselfly and large Chinese waterfall damselfly, respectively. This species prefers to dwell at waterfalls and moderately fast-flowing streams and rivers throughout tropical Asia. See also List of Thai Insect Names. See also WILDLIFE PICTURE.