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Vinous-breasted Starling

Common designation for a species of starling, a bird in the Sturnidae family, with the scientific Latin names Sturnus burmannicus and Acridotheres burmannicus, with two main varieties, i.e. the nominate species Sturnus burmannicus burmannicus and the subspecies Sturnus burmannicus leucocephalus. These birds are circa 22 to 25.5 centimeters tall and are found in large parts of Southeast Asia, especially in Myanmar, hence the Latin designation. The adult of the nominate race (fig.), Sturnus burmannicus burmannicus, has a pale grayish head, with a naked black mask that runs from beyond the eye to the base of the bill, which is reddish with a blackish base. Below, it is pale vinous-brownish, whilst the mantle is grey and the rump pale grey. The wing coverts are dark greyish with a small white patch. As with many other starling species, the white wing patch is much larger and better visible during flight, as it contrasts with the dark wings and whereas above the wings are dark grey, below they are rather blackish at the primaries, with two large white patches at the front, that merge around the carpal point and end near the base of the scapulars (fig.). The adult of the subspecies Sturnus burmannicus leucocephalus has a whitish head with a naked black mask, which however does not completely covers the length of the lores, while the bill is orange-yellow. Below, it is also pale vinous-brownish, yet the mantle is darker grey than that of the nominate race and the rump is buff. The wing coverts are also dark greyish yet the small white patch is somewhat narrower at the top. Juveniles of both varieties are overall browner and with a dull mask. The bill of immature birds is dull yellowish and the wing feathers buffish-fringed. The Vinous-breasted Starling occurs in dry open habitat, scrub, cultivation, and forest clearings. In Thai, it is known as nok ihyang nuan, a compound of nok ihyang and nuan. See also List of Thai Animal Names.