Wat Khao Noi (วัดเขาน้อย) is a Buddhist hill top temple in the seaside resort of Hua Hin (หัวหิน), that features a 21 meter tall statue of the mendicant monk Phra Siwalih (พระสิวลี), who was the son of Princess Suppawasah (สุปปวาสา), daughter of the King of Kohliya (कोह्लिया, โกลิยะ). From early on in her pregnancy, when he was still in his mother's womb, Siwalih already caused a lot of good fortune to his mother, due her adoration for him. According to legend he stayed in his mothers womb for seven years, reniniscent of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu (老子), the founder of Taoism, of whom it is said that he stayed in his mother's womb to mature for several decades. Princess Suppawasah was in labour pains for seven days, but immediately after his birth she started to work again as usual. Later, Siwalih ordained as a monk with Sariputta (สาริพุทธา), one of the chief disciples of the  Buddha and one of the Ten Principal Disciples. On the day of his ordination, as soon as he got his hair cut off, with the very first cut of the razor blade, he attained Enlightenment, as a result of his merit. And from the moment he had his head completely shaved, he became an arahan (อรหันต์), i.e. Buddhist saint. He perfected his luck factor, caused a lot of gain amongst his fellow monks and received praise from the Enlightened One, who said he was a champion in bringing luck. It is therefore since long believed that anyone who worships Phra Siwalih or a relic of him, will receive peace in the form of happiness and good luck Phra Siwalih is usually portrayed as a travelling monk, walking with a klot (กลด), i.e. the closed umbrella on his shoulder, a staff, and a yahm (ย่าม) shoulder bag. In Myanmar, he is known as Shin Thiwali (ရှင်သီဝလ), and ususally portrayed holding a Burmese-style pad bai lahn (พัดใบลาน) or pad yot (พัดยศ), i.e. an ecclesiastical fan used by monks (fig.). Large statues of Phra Siwalih are found around Thailand with the giant statue at Suk Kasem Thammikaram (วัดศุขเกษมธรรมมิการาม) in Angthong (อ่างทอง), with a height of 39 meters, is said to be the largest in the world.