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Cau Thach Han (Cầu Thạch Hăn)

Vietnamese. ‘Thach Han Bridge’. Name of a bridge over the Thach Han River in Hai Lang (Hải Lăng) District of Vietnam's Quang Tri (Quảng Trị) Province, in the North Central Region and located alongside the historically important Cau Quang Tri (fig.), a railway bridge which during the Second Indochina War saw some fierce fighting. Today it is the site of a memorial fashioned with 20 large red drops of blood, symbolizing the sacrifice of the 20 heroes of the Viet Cong's Mai Quoc Ca Platoon, out of whom 19 men lost their lives in an effort to capture the strategically important Quang Tri Bridge on 10 April 1972, while the only surviving soldier was seriously injured and captured by the enemy.