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Delacour's Langur

Common name for a species of Leaf Monkey, with the scientific name Trachypithecus delacouri and endemic to Vietnam. It  is slightly larger than most other Lutungs, and has a long, black and rather thick tail. Its fur is predominantly black, with a distinctive creamy-white lower rump, belly and outer thighs, as if it wears a pair of white shorts. Its head is black, with a tall and narrow crest, while the black face has silvery-white beard-like hairs on the sides, though in some individuals this whitish colouring may extend to behind the ears and to the forehead, and sometimes even to the top of the head. Females are similar, but smaller, and have an additional patch of pale fur in the pubic area. Like other Leaf Monkeys, Delacour's Langurs are herbivorous and hence spend most of their lives in the canopy of trees. This monotypic species is listed as critically endangered, with currently only between 200 to 300 individuals known to live in the wild, specifically in the rugged limestone rainforest of Cuc Phuong National Park in northern Vietnam.