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Wat Chom Si (ວັດຈອມສີ)

Lao. Name of a Buddhist temple in the city center of Luang Prabang (ຫຼວງພະບາງ) and is also known as Wat Phou Si (ວັດພູສີ), due to its location on Mount Phousi (fig.). The temple has an interesting garden and a grotto that display different characters and scenes from Buddhism, such as nagas, Mae Phra Thoranee, the 5 first disciple of the Buddha known as panjawakkih, and a variety of Buddha images in different poses (fig.), such as pahng nahg prok, pahng hahm samut, and pahng um baat. All these images are placed in a kind of Buddha Garden, which is best described as a hilltop Buddhist theme park. There are two staircases that lead to the top, i.e. one from the Southeast side, the other starting from the Northwest, opposite of the Royal Palace Museum (fig.). From the summit there are magnificent scenic views of the entire city and of the Khan River below, as well as of the mighty Mae Khong River (fig.), which runs on the northern side of Phousi mountain. See MAP.


Wat Chom Si