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Common Pierrot

Common name for a species of a butterfly, with the scientific name Castalius rosimon. It is around 25 to 32 millimeters tall and is overall white with black edges and spots, that is to say: the upperside of the wings of males is mainly white, with a black edge, and with a metallic blue shine towards the base, whilst the underside is white with black bands and spots, that become smaller as they are located more outwardly from the base of the wings, yet towards the apex they form a line that is medially broken. Females are similar, but the black markings are somewhat broader. This species is found across southern and southeastern Asia, and belongs to the Lycaenidae family. In Thai, the Common Pierrot is known as phi seua non phutsah thammada (ผีเสื้อหนอนพุทราธรรมดา), a name that refers to the food plant of this species' larvae, i.e. Zizyphus jujuba, a tree commonly known as Indian Jujube (fig.), and in Thai called ton phutsah.