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Khlong Seua Tai (คลองเสือตาย)

Thai. ‘Dead Tiger Canal’. Name of a circa 27 kilometer long canal in Samut Prakan, that runs away from Bangkok in roughly southeastern to eastern direction, parallel to Sukhumvit Road, and starts where Khlong Ban Ping (คลองบางปิ้ง) ends, i.e. where the latter canal ‒that start from Khlong Samrohng (คลองสำโรง - map) and more or less runs from north to south‒ makes a strong curve to the east. Located to its northern bank are Meuang Boraan (fig.) and the Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple Wat Phra Phut Sri Wilai (fig.). One has to cross this canal when visiting either of these places. After about 25 kilometers, it eventually turns to the northeast where it after another circa 2 kilometers empties in the Dahn (ด่าน) River. See MAP.