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Little Mapwing

Common name for a species of butterfly in the family Nymphalidae and with the scientific designation Cyrestis lutea. This species is found in many parts of Southeast Asia and is also known simply as Little Map, a designation also used in the Thai equivalent phi seua phaentih lek (ผีเสื้อแผนที่เล็ก). Above the wings are mostly whitish with narrow, brownish, wavy lines that run over the entire length of the wings, symmetrically with the abdomen and the outer wing edges, where they become more compressed to form a thick brown border with thin grey and whitish lines. At the posterior part of the hindwings are some orangey patches. The underside is similar. It has white legs and pale green eyes (fig.). This species is sexually dimorphic and males are mostly orange instead of whitish. Hence, this species is also referred to as Orange Straight-line Mapwing, a designation in Thai called phi seua sih som baep sen trong (ผีเสื้อสีส้มแบบเส้นตรง). Sometimes spelled Little Map-wing. See also Straight-line Mapwing and Common Map (fig.).