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Thailand Tobacco Monopoly

Thai state enterprise, that ‒until the signing of the ASEAN Free Trade Area agreement in 1992‒ had a monopoly over the manufacturing and distribution of tobacco products in Thailand. It was founded on 19 April 1939, when the Excise Department under the Ministry of Finance took over operations from the Burapha Tobacco Factory, initially and until 1949, in collaboration with British American Tobacco, a London-based British multinational tobacco company, while expanded with the take over of another two cigarette factories, i.e. Kwahng Hok (กวางฮก) and Hoffan (ฮอฟฟัน). Its head office is in Bangkok, located on a large compound, that also houses production factories. The company has a circular logo, bordered with kranok-style motifs, which make the contours lotus-shaped, while in its centre are the Thai letters R Y S (ร ย ส), which stand for Rohng-ngahn Yah Soob (โรงงานยาสูบ), the Thai name of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, which in fact translates as Tobacco Factory, but with the production of cigarettes in Thailand being a state monopoly, it became in English known as Thailand Tobacco Monopoly. However, in 2018 the Ministry of Finance corporatized the state enterprise into an independent commercial company and renamed it Khan Yah Soob Haeng Phrathet Thai (การยาสูบแห่งประเทศไทย), i.e. Tobacco Authority of Thailand. See MAP.