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Wat Suthat (วัดสุทัศน)

Thai. Temple in Bangkok (fig.), of which construction was started during the reign of Rama I, but that was completed only during the rule of Rama III. The wihaan houses the oldest remaining Buddha image from the Sukhothai period, Phra Sri Sakyamuni (fig.), and has impressive murals of the jataka and of the Ramakien. This temple is identified with the Eight Reign as the base of the principal Buddha image contains the ashes of Rama VIII, of whom a statue (map - fig.) is erected in the temple's northwestern corner of the inner court, which is surrounded by a gallery of Buddha images. Merit-making for the late King Ananda Mahidol is performed annually at Wat Suthat on June 9th, the day of his death. The temple's ubosot, which is situated at the back of the compound, outside of the wihaan's surrounding wall, houses the Phra Phutta Trih Lohk Seht Buddha image (map - fig.). The inner walls are also richly decorated with murals depicting scenes from the Ramakien, as well as with scenes and mythical animals from Himaphan Forest. The illustration on two inner window panels of the ubosot, which are painted with two angels of which one tramples upon a demon, was printed on a Thai postage stamp issued in 2008 as part of a set of four stamps on portal guardians (fig.). The temple's full name is Wat Suthat Thepwarahrahm, and it is one of the only few temples in Thailand conferred with the highest royal title of Rajavora Maha Vihaan, hence its full name and title is Wat Suthat Thepwarahrahm Rajavora Maha Vihaan, which is sometime transcribed Wat Suthat Thepwararam Rachaworamahawihaan (วัดสุทัศนเทพวราราม ราชวรมหาวิหาร). See MAP.