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zee kwet (ဇီးကွက်)

Burmese name for a statuette of a golden owl in Myanmar, which is originally made made of papier-mâché and believed to bring luck and prosperity to a family. It is usually found in pairs, with one being a male owl, the other a female, and reminiscent of female mythological animals in Chinese iconography, the latter is also often represented with one or two immature birds sitting at its feet, i.e. one or two tiny owls painted at the base of the statuette. Nowadays, they can be found from materials other than papier-mâché, such as wood, lacquerware (fig.), terracotta (fig.), etc. The name derives from the Spotted Owlet (fig.), which in Burmese is named the same. Sometimes transcribed zi gwe and in English known as Myanmar Owls. See also pyit taing daung (fig.).