No. Issue Name
2014/1 Zodiac - Year of the Horse
2014/2 50th Anniversary of Chiang Mai University
2014/3-7 National Children's Day
2014/8 80th Anniversary of Thammasat University
2014/9 Laughing Buddha - Chinese New Year
2014/10 50th Anniversary of Khon Kaen University
2014/11-12 Symbol of Love
2014/13 75th Anniversary of Thailand's Zoo & 60th Anniversary of the Zoological Park Organization
2014/14 125th Anniversary of the Postal School
2014/15 150th Anniversary of the Queen Regent
2014/16-23 Thai Heritage Conservation Day - Giants' Khon Masks
2014/24-25 20th Anniversary of Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
2014/26 75th Anniversary of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
2014/27 Important Buddhist Religious Day - Visakha Bucha Day
2014/28 Centenary of the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
2014/29 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations of Thailand-Israel
2014/30-33 Centenary of Don Meuang International Airport
2014/34-37 Amphibians
2014/38 National Communications Day
2014/39 Thailand-Vatican Joint Issue
2014/40 100th Anniversary of Thailand Waterworks
2014/41 World Post Day
2014/42 50th Anniversary of Sports Authority of Thailand
2014/43-44 Thailand-Macao Joint Issue
2014/45-49 New Year 2015 (1st Series)
2014/50-52 New Year 2015 (2nd Series)
2014/53-56 His Thai Majesty's Ships
2014/57 90th Anniversary of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
2014/58 King Bhumiphon's 87th Birthday Anniversary
2014/59 Luang Poo Thuad Amulet, Wat Chang Hai