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Democracy Monument

Monument in Bangkok commemorating the change from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy in 1932. It was completed on 22 June 1940 but officially inaugurated two days later, on the same day as Victory Monument (fig.) and on the eight actual anniversary date of the event of 24 June 1932, when the governmental system changed. This date is symbolized in the height of the four wings and the radius of the monument (each 24 meters) whilst the year, namely 2475 BE (1932 AD) can be derived from the 75 cannons surrounding the memorial. The bas-reliefs on the lower part of the four wings illustrate the history of the Civilian Party whilst marking the change in governmental system. At the centre is a dome pedestal with a phaan holding the Thai Constitution (fig.). This gold coloured part is three meters high, a reference to the third month of the traditional Thai calendar, i.e. June (the Thai new year, called songkraan, is in April). The six swords on the gates of the pedestal represent the six policies of the Civilian Party, namely Independence, Peace, Equality, Freedom, Economy and Education. In Thai, Anusawarih Prachathipatai. See also POSTAGE STAMPS (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), and (7), as well as QUADCOPTER PICTURE and TRAVEL PICTURES. MORE ON HISTORY.