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Nong Kai/Nong Khai (หนองคาย)

Thai. Provincial capital of a jangwat (map) of the same name in Northeast Thailand 615 kms from Bangkok. History relates that King Phra Nang Klao ordered Phraya Racha Supawadi to lead his troops in an attack on Krung Sri Satana Kanahut in order to retake this rebellious city. Then Racha Supawadi let thao Suwo (Boonma) choose a spot to build a new city and the latter chose a large marshland with lots of bamboo, a place known as Nong Kai. In 1827 Phra Pathum Thewa Phibaan was appointed by Suwo as the local ruler of this new city. Nong Kai is famous for the bangfai phayanaag, an annual event that takes place on the Mae Khong River and in which soundless fireballs shoot up from the river, a phenomenon claimed by some to be caused by nagas, and which is symbolized in the city's entrance gate (map - fig.). In the latter half of the nineteenth century, Nong Kai was used as an outpost and base by Siamese troops in their military campaigns against the Ho, warrior bandit groups known as the Flag Gangs, that between 1865 and 1890 ravaged large areas of northern Laos. Its places of interest include Sala Kaew Kuh (map - fig.); Minakon Topiary Garden (map - fig.) in the district or amphur Sri Chiang Mai; the Praab Ho monument; Wat Haay Sohk (map - fig.); Tha Sadet, the Indochina Market (map - fig.) along the Mae Khong River; and the Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge (map - fig.). Until 2011, the province had thirteen amphur and four king amphur or sub-districts (map), yet in August 2010 a plan was submitted for consideration to elevate the area around Beung Kahn district to provincial status and some of the the king amphur to amphur, in order to more easily manage administrative work and solve border problems in remote areas. On 7 February 2011, the plan was approved by the National Assembly and on 23 March 2011 it was enacted, thus officially establishing a new, i.e. Thailand's 77th province. Hence, Nong Kai Province now has 9 amphur, whilst Beung Kahn has 8 amphur. There are no more king amphur. Often transcribed Nong Khai. See also Nong Kai data file