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Red Grasshawk

Common name for a species of dragonfly, which is also commonly known as Common Parasol, Obligue-banded Widow and Coppertone Velvetwing, and which has the scientific designation Neurothemis fluctuans. Its found throughout Southeast Asia, including in Thailand, where it is known as malaeng poh ban mai chiang (แมลงปอบ้านใหม่เฉียง) and malaeng poh ban thaeb pihk mon (แมลงปอบ้านแถบปีกมน). Its habitat consists of exposed ditches, ponds, lakes and rivers, both in uplands and lowlands. Mature male are cherry-red to brown in colour, yet depending on the light it may be exposed to, it may even appear to be almost black. Due to the transparent wing tips and its overall colouring, it may easily be confused with the male Blackspot Widow (fig.) or the Cleartip Widow (fig.), both species within the genus Neurothemis. The best way to tell them apart is the slightly different markings on the abdomen and the wing patterns. Young males have all the markings of the male adult, but the wings are more transparent and appear pale yellowish-brown. Adult females are very similar to young males, but don't have any colouration to the wings.