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Talaat Nat Rot Fai (ตลาดนัดรถไฟ)

Thai. ‘Train Flea Market’. Name for a number of night markets held in different locations in Bangkok. Besides bars, restaurants, shops and a regular market, they usually also exhibit a collection of vintage vehicles (fig.), as well as classic shops and antique goods. Some of the shops are located in old warehouses. In English, these places are referred to as Train Market or Train Night Market, and in Thai the name is sometimes shortened to Talaat Rot Fai. Talaat Nat Rot Fai was created as a brand by the experienced antique dealer Pharoht Roikaew (ไพโรจน์ ร้อยแก้ว), nicknamed (โรจน์) and in English using the homophone Rod, who after having had several antique shops in different locations in Bangkok, eventually moved to Chatuchak Weekend Market (fig.) from where he relocated to a site nearby and set up the very first Train Market on land owned by the State Railway of Thailand, hence the name. When the latter needed the space for the Red Line MRT Project, the market was reallocated to an area on Sri Nagarindra Road. Though open only on weekends, the brand expanded and opened a new branch on Ratchada Road (map - fig.), which is open daily on every night of the week. See also TRAVEL PICTURE and MAP.