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Thai Human Imagery Museum

Museum in Nakhon Pathom with a permanent exhibition featuring life-size wax images of famous Thai and foreign personalities, both from real life and mythology, as well as with scenes from Thai culture, both from the past and present-day life. The wax images are created by master artist Duangkaew Phityakonsilp and his sculpture team. Among the sculptures on display in the museum are those of: Thai children playing a traditional game of rih rih khao sahn (fig.); Nang Suwanna Malih (fig.) and Sin Samut (fig.), Nang Laweng (fig.), Nang Phi Seua Samut (fig.), Chih Pleuay (fig.), Sut Saakhon (fig.), characters from the Phra Aphaimanih story; the venerated Buddhist monks Luang Poo Suk Kesaroh (fig.), Kruh Bah Sri Wichai (fig.), Phra Ajaan Man (fig.), and Luang Poo Thuad (fig.); Princess Sri Nagarindra (fig.); the first eight Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, i.e. Rama I to Rama VIII (fig.), such as King Rama II (fig.), Rama V (fig.) and Rama VI (fig.); Eua Suntonsanaan, the Music Master of the Rattanakosin Period (fig.); and worldwide acclaimed figures from the international arena, such as Mahatma Gandhi (fig.). See MAP.