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Tham Le Khao Kop (ถ้ำเลเขากอบ)

Thai. Name of a limestone cave with a subterranean stream in Trang province, which can be visited only by a flat-bottomed rowing boat, although some parts of the cave that are above water level can be visited on foot, once inside. The circa 800 meter long stream flows through a high and steep mountain, which is part of the Banthat Mountain Range (ทิวเขาบรรทัด). Besides the stream, there is also has a circa 4 km long subterranean labyrinth of halls and tunnels full of striking rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites. There are a total of 8 rooms in the cave, though only 5 are open to the public. The boats for hire come with a team of two rowers who guide visitors through this tunnel cave. The boat journey starts on the small river with lots of green on both sides, until it flows into the mountain. Once inside the boat will dock at multiple places to allow visitors to walk around. After the last visit on foot, the boat ride continues its journey through a section of the cave known as kaan lod thong mangkon (การลอดท้องมังกร), i.e. ‘Sifting the Dragon's Belly’. Here, the ceiling is so low that visitors must lay flat on their backs in order to pass through, with the ceiling and its stalactites passing by overhead just millimeters from ones face and the boatmen must literally push their small vessel through the narrow passages. The thrilling boat ride in this latter and more creepy part of the cave is best avoided by anyone with a larger than average waist circumference or by anyone suffering from claustrophobia, who are recommended to turn back the same way they came after visiting the first section of the cave, which has a somewhat higher ceiling. See MAP and watch VIDEO.