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The Supreme Court of Thailand

The final court of appeal, i.e. the highest court in the country, where the Chief Justice presides. It has power to try and adjudicate cases from lower courts that are appealed on judgments or orders rendered by the Courts of Appeal. In Thai, it is called Sahn Dika Khong Thai (ศาลฎีกาของไทย) or simply Sahn Dika (ศาลฎีกา), a name that derives from —and includes— the term Dika (ฎีกา), which in the past was the name for a petition to the Crown, i.e. the petition that people could file before the King in order to request his supreme prerogative to abolish any hardship. Today, judges perform their duties in the name of the King and are assured of independence in adjudicating cases according to the law. Its building is located along Khlong Rop Krung, i.e. the Old City Moat to the east of Sanam Luang.