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Thip Chang (ทิพย์ช้าง)

Thai. Name of the ruler of Lampang, who reigned  from 1732 to 1759 AD, during a period of sovereignty in which Lampang was not subject to rule or interference from its more powerful neighbours Burma, Ayutthaya or Lan Na. Originally a hunter by trade, Thip Chang rose to power after he in 1730 had led a group of soldiers that assassinated Thao Maha Yot (มหายศ), the instigator of a rebellion in the region revolting against the then ruler of Lampang, who reigned as a vassal of Burma. He later on subdued another uprising in Lamphun. Thip Chang is also known as Thip Chakra (ทิพย์จักร) and is regarded as the progenitor of the Thipchakratiwong Dynasty. His full name and royal title was King Thip Chakra Sulawa Reua Chaiya Songkhram (ทิพย์จักรสุลวะฤๅไชยสงคราม).