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Trat (ตราด)

Thai. Name of a province (map) and its capital city in East Thailand, 315 kms southeast of Bangkok. Like Chanthaburi, the city of Trat is known for its trade in gemstones, thanks to the many sapphires and ruby mines. The markets for this gem trade, known as ‘talaat phloi’, are open daily and attract buyers from around the world. The province borders Cambodia, with Hat Lek at its southernmost point. In front of the coast lies Koh Chang (map), a National Marine Park (map - fig.) and the second largest (492 kmsē) and most mountainous island in Thailand (fig.), with peaks of up to 744 meters (fig.). In these coastal waters a small sea battle took place on 17 January 1941 between the French and Thai Navy killing 37 Thais. Besides a large monument (fig.), this event has been commemorated (fig.) annually since 1986. The province has two amphur and two king amphur, and is the only province in the country that borders with only one other Thai province, i.e. Chanthaburi. It also has the narrowest land-area in the nation, an part of only 450 meters wide and located on the Trat-Khlong Yai route, and is home to the tallest person in the country, i.e. Nang Ma-li Duangdi. Pronunciation with long vowel, i.e. Trāt, Traat or Traht. See also Trat data file.