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White Dragontail

Common name for a species of swallowtail butterfly found in parts of southern China, South Asia and Southeast Asia, including in Thailand, where it is referred to as phi seua haang khao (ผีเสื้อหางมังกรขาว). Its scientific designation is Lamproptera curius and Lamproptera curius curius is also commonly known as the Thai White Dragontail. Above, its wings are overall dull brownish black. On the fore wings is a hyaline triangular area, traversed with black veins, and over a white transverse band, that extends to the hindwings, where it ends in a point. Besides this, the hindwings also have a white tip and in the middle there  are a number of white dots. The underside of the wings are similar, but the ground colour is rather opaque brownish black and the base of the wings is pale greyish. The abdomen is brownish black above and a mixture of white with some black markings and lines below, while the antennae are entirely black.