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Tran Nguyen Han (Trần Nguyên Hãn, 陳元扞)

Vietnamese-Chinese. Name of a Dai Viet military leader and descendant of the Tran Dynasty (Nhà Trần) that ruled Vietnam from 1225 to 1400, and who was instrumental in his support in the Lam Son uprising (1418-1427), led by Le Loi (Lê Lợi) against Ming Chinese rule. He commanded the resistance battles to liberate Tan Binh and Thuan Hoa (1425-1426), besieged Dongguan, destroyed Xuong Giang and blocked the way of the Ming Army in the Chi Lang-Xuong Giang campaign (1427). After victory in the revolt by defeating Ming general Nham Thang, Le Loi ascended the throne as Emperor (r. 1428-1433), founded the Le (Lê) Dynasty, and in 1428 promoted Tran Nguyen Han to the rank of Lieutenant General. However, later on Le Loi became suspicious of his general and accused him of treason, causing Tran Nguyen Han to commit suicide. Yet, during the reign of Emperor Le Nhan Tong (r. 1443-1459), he was pardoned and posthumously restored to his position.