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Chiwha (ชิวหา)

Pali-Thai. ‘Tongue’. Name of a giant or yak character in the Ramakien, who is described as having a pinkish to pale red-purplish  complexion, tah jorakae and straight upright tusks, and wearing a chadah-style crown with a bulbous tip, that is decorated with pieces of black glass. His mask in khon has a protruding tongue. He was the brother-in-law of Totsakan (fig.) and maried to Nang Sammanakkha (fig.). One day, Totsakan made a trip to the forest with his principal wife Nang Montho and asked Chiwha to guard the city of Langka during his absence. Taking his task serious, Chiwha kept watch over the city all day and night, going with out sleep. However, after 7 days, he was so tired that he couldn't keep awake any longer. Hence, he enlarged his body and protruded his elongated tongue, covering the entire city in order to protect it, and fell fast asleep. On this night, Totsakan returned from his trip and couldn't see Chiwha nor the city, which was covered by the latter's tongue. Hence, Totsakan took his chakra disc and threw it at the tongue, severing it and in the process killing Chiwha, who bled to death. The scene is depicted in a mural at Wat Phra Kaew, which in turn is printed as the background of a set of Thai se-tenant stamps issued in 2014 (fig.). Sometimes spelled Jiwha, Chiuha or Jiuha. See also LIST OF RAMAKIEN CHARACTERS.