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Plain-pouched Hornbill

Common name for a species of hornbill, with the scientific name Rhyticeros subruficollis, which is distributed in subtropical and tropical forests of southern Myanmar, adjacent parts of western Thailand, and in northern peninsular Malaysia. Adult males are mostly blackish, with a white tail and a pale yellowish hood. Its bill is pale dull yellowish, with a warm brownish base and its casque has dark ridges. Its legs and feet are grey, and its eyes are brownish-red with a red orbital ring. Males are about 88 centimeters tall (fig.). Adult females (fig.) have a less elaborate, all-black appearance, with a white tail, and bare blue skin around the eyes. The bill and casque are similar to those of adult males. Unlike the bill of the Wreathed Hornbill, that of the Plain-pouched Hornbill is never ridged, though the casque is. One variety (fig.) is very similar in appearance to the Wreathed Hornbill (fig.), with males having a shaggy, brown, mane-like crown, that runs to the back of the neck, as well as a large yellow gular pouch, though without the blackish lateral bar on the underside, whereas females have a large blue gular pouch, also without the blackish lateral bar. In Thai, the Plain-pouched Hornbill is known as nok ngeuak krahm chang pahk riab.