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Saphaan Atsadaang (สะพานอัษฎางค์)

Thai. Name of a jetty in the sea, located at Phra Chutathutrachatahn (fig.), i.e. the former Royal Summer Palace on Koh Si Chang, in Chonburi Province. The jetty is 3 sen 1 wah 2 sok (ca. 125 meters) long and 2 wah (ca. 4 meters) wide, and is widened and covered with a roof in three places, creating three sala-like structures that can be used as resting places, one at the beginning, one at the end, and one in the middle (fig.). It was commissioned by King Chulalongkorn and built with his personal funds as an act of tamboon, i.e. merit-making, in order to celebrate the fact that his son Prince Atsadang Dechawut (fig.) recovered from sickness after having stayed on the island. The jetty was officially opened with a royal ceremony on 23 August 1891 and was named after the prince. Also spelled Saphan Atsadang and Sapaan Atsadahng, or similar. See also POSTAGE STAMP and MAP.