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Wat Sri Ihyam (วัดศรีเอี่ยม)

Thai. ‘Majestic Fresh Temple’. Name of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok's khet of Bang Na, located on the intersection of the Bang Na-Trat Road and Sri Nagarindra Road. Uniquely, the temple's ubosot, which in Thai is usually referred to as bot, is built on top of the larger, yet inside somewhat duller wihaan. Whereas the Phra prathaan of the wihaan consists of a Buddha image in the pahng samahti or meditation pose, the main Buddha image of the ubosot is seated in the bhumisparsa or maravijaya pose. The bot, which is smaller but much more elaborate than the wihaan, has colourful murals, depicting scenes from Buddhism and from the jataka (fig.). Also transliterated Wat Sri Iam, Wat Si Iyam, or similar. See MAP.